Amazon Zocalo: What to Do When You Have More Disk Than God

Cloud behemoth Amazon has found a new outlet for its NSA-scale™ disk farms in its new enterprise file sync and store service, Zocalo. After years of offering dumb cloud object storage with its Amazon S3 simple storage service, Amazon is …
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Nasuni: Rethinking Every Aspect of Your Enterprise Storage

A few weeks ago I had a chance to speak at length with Andres Rodriguez, the incredibly passionate founder and CEO of Nasuni. Nasuni is a highly innovative storage company providing storage infrastructure backed by the cloud. I’ve been writing …
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Cloud Products and Services

Cloud products and services are only in its infancy but new and exciting technology is being released at an incredible rate. One example of something new is Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega cloud storage service with its free 50GBs of storage. What really got my attention with this announcement was that the data would be stored encrypted, which is nice to see security being built into the offering from the beginning. There are a few bugs that are being reported, but hopefully the start of the push to secure the cloud.