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A Redundant Array of (In)expensive Clouds

The cloud is all very well—buy resources as you need them, and don’t care about the infrastructure required to deliver those resources. But there is no cloud: it’s just someone else’s computer. So you should still think about what is required and what happens when things go wrong. In particular, what happens when a cloud service shuts down? If cloud services are known to fail or be withdrawn, then a good cloud strategy should consider alternatives to each service. This is one item of the service level that should get some attention before you rely on a cloud service.

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Public Cloud Reality is Much Different than the Hype

The Virtualization Practice recently moved their systems to the Cloud, being cost conscious we chose one of the public clouds to use. The reality of such a move is much different than the hype. We expected stellar support, better performance, improved security, improved DR, and 5 9s uptime, and the hypervisor is a commodity. In essence, it should be better than we could do ourselves. That is the promise of the cloud; the hype of the cloud. What we have seen is something far different.

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So What Should a Cloud SLA Look Like?

In “Cloud SLAs Are Worthless But Does this Matter?“, we concluded that there are some significant differences in how SLA’s are perceived between those being in place with an IT organization and those offered by a public cloud vendor. The principle difference appears to be that an IT SLA is an agreement that an IT organization strives to honor, in contrast to a public cloud SLA which is more of a marketing statement designed so that the cloud vendor can never violate it.

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