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Who’s Who in Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management

In the Performance Management Topic at this site we separate performance and capacity monitoring for virtualization and the cloud into four separate disciplines:

  1. Configuration Management – while configuration management is not traditionally associated with resource and performance monitoring, it is critical in the case in virtualized and cloud based environments. The rate of change in these environments and the degree of resource sharing of these environments makes a continuous self-discovered understanding of configuration essential to the ability to assure infrastructure and applications performance.

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Replacing the Enterprise Management Framework for Virtualized Data Centers

Since the dawn of TCP/IP networks and distributed networks of Intel PC’s and Servers there have been large numbers of point tools designed to monitor and manage specific sets of infrastructure in these networks, and management frameworks from major vendors like CA Technologies, IBM (Tivoli), HP (OpenView and the follow on products) and BMC that were designed to manage the entire network. The frameworks were focused first and foremost on the availability of the hardware that comprises these networks, and have grown over time to look into network utilization and performance as well as resource utilization of servers.

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Is the CMDB Irrelevant in a Virtual and Cloud Based World?

Configuration Management Databases (CMDB’s) have been a linchpin of the offerings from the enterprise systems management vendors like CA, IBM, BMC and HP. These products have been marketed as the foundation of both the ITIL framework for management processes, and the Business Service Management frameworks offered by these vendors. While these offerings occupy very important parts of the product strategies from the various vendors who offer them, it is also the case that CMDB’s are enormously expensive to purchase and implement – and due to the time required to implement them have a long time to value for the customer. For these reasons, relatively few enterprise customers have implemented CMDB’s.

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Reinventing Infrastructure Performance Monitoring for the Cloud

Virtualization (the underlying foundation of a cloud) introduces a set of challenges to how one should monitor the performance of the infrastructure and the applications. These challenges are:

  1. Unlike physical systems that are mostly dedicated to specific applications, virtual systems are both shared and dynamic. This makes inferring the performance of the infrastructure by looking at resource utilization statistics ineffective. Leading edge Infrastructure Performance Management vendors like AppFirst, Akorri, CA|NetQos, Virtual Instruments and Xangati are taking an Infrastructure Response Time approach to this problem that avoids the issues of relying upon resource metrics, and provides a true picture of how the infrastructure is actually performing.

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AppDynamics Raises an $11M Series B Round – Confirms APM 2.0 Opportunity

When J2EE applications servers became a mainstream applications platform for implementing business critical web applications back in the 2002/2005 timeframe, the need to address the performance of applications built to these applications servers was addressed by several startups, all of whom were eventually purchased by Mercury Interactive (who later was purchased by HP), IBM, Compuware, Quest and CA. The leader of this generation of Applications Performance Management (APM) solutions was Wily Technology which was purchased by CA on March 7, 2006 for $375M – signaling an end to the days of startups targeting this space.

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