What is Going to Replace the Legacy Management Frameworks?

Management frameworks are dead because they have been unable to keep up with the pace of innovation in the enterprise computing industry. Management frameworks will be replaced by ecosystems of cooperating vendors that each reuse each other’s unique data through a common big data back end. Splunk is the first (but not the last) vendor to offer such a back end and to pursue such an ecosystem strategy.


News: AppDynamics and New Relic Prepare to go Big Time in the APM Market

By raising respectively $50 and $80M AppDynamics and New Relic have positioned themselves to go public sometime in the next two years. They will join Splunk and Solarwinds as brand new management software companies built from the group up to meet the new requirements for management of virtualized and cloud based data centers.


Virtualization and Cloud Management Upend the Traditional Management Software Business

Cloud Management is a new problem that cannot be met with legacy solutions. Virtualization, Clouds, and Agile Development create a perfect storm of change that needs to be addressed with new approaches and solutions.


Cloud Performance – Learning from SalesForce.com

The focus upon sharing real response time and transaction load data by SalesForce.com is notable when compared with the pre-historic approach to performance that is used by many cloud vendors (and for a matter of fact many enterprise IT organizations). Response Time correlates directly to end user experience and at the end of the day that is all that matters. Hopefully the industry will learn from SalesForce.com and advance this concept further.


So What Should a Cloud SLA Look Like?

Public Cloud SLA’s are worthless. They need to be replaced by metrics that measure the responsiveness of what the cloud provider owns to the layer of software from the customer running in the cloud. Developing these metrics will require significant changes to existing APM approaches in order to be able to separate time spent in the application from time spent in the application framework or OS.