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Will Citrix and Microsoft Tie the Knot?

As the business relationship between Citrix and Microsoft continues to flourish, it raises the question of whether the two will eventually tie the knot. Rumors of an acquisition have circulated on and off througout Citrix’s entire history, but could 2017 be the year that it finally happens?

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VMware + AWS?

Rumors are flying that VMware and Amazon Web Services will be teaming together to offer cloud services for VMware workloads. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, on what will reportedly be a significant announcement related to a partnership between the two companies.

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Citrix Acquires Norskale

Citrix announced yesterday that Norskale will become part of the XenDesktop suite and will now be known as Workspace Environment Manager (WEM). That’s exciting news for those who have felt that the current Citrix user personalization solution, User Profile Management (UPM), is not quite sufficient for their needs.

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