Layoffs at Citrix…What’s Next?

Over the past couple of days, various Citrix employees have been invited to meetings and conference calls wherein they’ve received layoff notifications. While the full extent of the layoffs is unknown, it appears that the Octoblu, ShareFile/Podio, XenMobile, and App Layering …
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VMware Ends Support for 3rd Party Virtual Switches

This post on reddit appears to intimate that VMware is closing its API for virtual switches to all parties, including its long-standing networking partner Cisco. When I first read the post, I thought the move was a retrograde step by VMware …
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NetApp Picks Up SolidFire; Should Someone Pick Up NetApp?

A week later than some people predicted, the news has broken. NetApp has bought SolidFire for $870M. This continues the trend for established storage companies to acquire start-ups with great flash products rather than building their own. SolidFire initially targeted the service provider …
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