Criteria Are Critical to Your Business Case

A key step in putting together a business case is to ask, “Who cares about what?” “Who” is your audience: the decision makers. “What” is their criteria. The purpose of this step is to accurately determine your audience for your business case and the factors …
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You Need IT-Business Integration, Not Alignment

There are many times when I’m on consulting engagements when I ask CIOs, “How much of an understanding do you and your management have about how your company makes money, thereby having a staff that knows where the money comes from …
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VMware’s Executive Shuffle! Maritz Out and Gelsinger In

VMworld 2012 is right around the corner and the time leading up to the conference is usually the time major announcements are made about new technology and/or new products to strike interest in different technologies that will be presented at the conference. Today a different kind of announcement has been made, in that Paul Maritz is no longer VMware CEO, and he is being replaced by Pat Gelsinger, President and COO of EMC’s Information Infrastructure Product division. Mr. Maritz will become a Vice Chairman at EMC, although I am still up in the air on whether that means Paul is on his way out of EMC or looking to lead somewhere else? Maybe one could speculate Cloud Foundry? What do you make of VMware’s Executive Shuffle?