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RES Software’s Baseline Desktop Analyzer: Using the Cloud to help Migrate to Windows 7 for Free?

If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself” wrote Sun Tzu in his famous treatise, The Art of War.  In his unpublished, Art of Desktop Management and Migration, this statement was modified primarily as an organisation’s users are, despite suggestion to the contrary, not the enemy. Still, the basic principle of avoiding failure through thorough assessment holds true. Before embarking on a campaign to change your desktop environment in any way – be that a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7+,  a move to VDI, a move to a DaaS model from a third party…or even adding or changing an application – having accurate visibility of your existing desktop infrastructure is key to ensure you don’t endanger your project and your organisation’s money.

  • What devices do you have?
  • What applications have you (and possibly your users) installed?
  • Of those applications and devices which ones are actively used?

“Consumerisation in IT” is not new: it is not unusual to find new devices and/or software actively used in an environment. Conversely, IT may believe an application is not used … when it is; and valiantly maintain an application that they believe to be business critical, when it isn’t. The most costly desktop management services are those where the estate is unknown and unmanaged. You can drive operational costs down by knowing and managing your environment pro-actively.

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Can you Transform your desktop with Turnkey VDI?

Can you transform your desktop estate by migrating to VDI solution and expect that “savings will be made”?

Technologies have developed so that Turnkey VDI solutions are available – Panologic recently announce the availability of Pano Express;  Kaviza offer their VDI-in-a-Box. The focus of such solutions may be at smaller organizations; obviously larger organisations have more complex environments. That said, it is fair to say in both environments you can reduce administration costs and gain productivity by rethinking how you use your resources: yet the cost of transformation to what you have now to .. “something else” means finding cold hard cash – difficult in the current economic climate.

“Change is constant” they say: the transformation from a traditional desktop service to a VDI can encompass a number of changes. Changes to the desktop deployment; changes to the way users store their data; changes to how applications are delivered to the user. Often the price per device for a VDI may appear to less – but does that mean your management is less, your productivity better?

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