Dell KACE K1000 Takes the Lead on Chromebook Management

Dell has announced an upgrade to its KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance, making it the first systems management vendor to address the rapidly growing Chromebook market. The KACE K1000 system, which is available as a physical or virtual appliance and …
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Out of the Shadows: Is the Fear of Shadow IT Borne Out in Reality?

There has been a lot of hand-wringing in the past year or so about the threat of Shadow IT. By its very name, it sums up images of darkness, subterfuge, and illegality. But what exactly is meant by Shadow IT, …
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News: VMware’s Latest Acquisition, AirWatch

It appears that VMware has been on quite the acquisition kick lately, first with its $1.3 billion dollar acquisition of its Palo Alto neighbor Nicira in 2012 and now VMware has come out with tis largest acquisition in company history with the $1.54 billion dollar acquisition of the mobile management and security firm, AirWatch which will be aimed at tightening the security and peace of mind for companies and the growing use of mobile devices for work or what is also referred to as bring your own device (BYOD).


Passwords Are Dead or Dying

Passwords are dead or dying: According to Google security executive Heather Adkins, Passwords are dead for Google and warned that any startups that will rely on passwords are going to be dead in the water. Heather Adkins did not offer any real specifics on how Google is going to innovate tomorrow’s security but did hint that Google is experimenting with hardware-based tokens as well as something that Motorola has created that authenticated users by having them touch a device to something embedded.