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ITaaS: Managing Software Costs within Hybrid Clouds

In a comment thread, from the article Multiple Hybrid Clouds Kludged Together? — Cloud Architecture, an insight was raised.

“… companies are not managing their software proactively to ensure they are staying in budget.” — Cary King.

This raised a few hairs on the back of my head, as I, Edward Haletky (Texiwill), recently went shopping for cloud services and some of the prices were outrageous to say the least for just a basic VM, if I suddenly needed more VMs the numbers would add up quickly to something outside of the budget. On top of that, there is the utilization charge back for cloud services. This particular Cloud Provider could not tell me what the rules for such charge backs. In a private or hybrid cloud, licensing costs for software and operating systems could eat through any budget in next to no time. Add in utilization charge back and budgets may be crushed under the weight of all these new charges.

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