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What is in a name?

I subscribe to the it is a UK based Tech  News website.  Why do I tell you this, well in a recent mailshot they highlighted an interesting article on Dixons.  For those that are not in the know, Dixon’s in a UK based electronics retail group, they own the popular PC world and Curry’s brands too, by now you are most likely trying to figure out my reasoning for this post.  Well it is simple within the article it mentions that Dixon’s AKA the rather catchy DSGi are changing their business name to Dixons Retail PLC, because they want to:

“harness the strength of the Dixons name and to reflect the resurgence of the company.  The Dixons name resonates strongly with suppliers, the market, and colleagues in a way that DSG international has not been able to”.

So what has this got to do with virtualization I hear you say, simple,  companies change their name all the time.  They rebrand their products to make it “shiny and new” or to reflect a change in corporate direction. For example, think of PHD and their recent re-branding of esXpress to PHD Virtual Backup for VMware ESX to reflect that they will shortly have a XenServer based product called PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer (or for the more cynical of your amongst the readers, due to the  fact Citrix is now a major investor and did not like the fact that the flagship product contained the name of their primary competitor in the Hypervisor market).

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