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Virtualization Personalization – RTO Software and Appsense


One of the issues that has plagued Citrix Presentation Server/XenApp over the years is that it has been difficult to get all of the benefits of centralization with XenApp, while also giving users the same flexibility to customize their environments that they had when they had fat client desktops. XenApp worked best with a mandatory user profile that did not allow any end user customizations. Allowing roaming profiles (with user customizations allowed) resulted in long logon times and frequent corruption of profiles – requiring a manual reset to a mandatory profile and the loss of all customizations.

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VMware and Microsoft Race to Make Each Other Irrelevant

One of the time honored strategies in the computer industry is to package your competitor out of business. Vendor A thinks that they have a robust standalone product business, and Vendor B makes Vendor A’s product into a feature of a larger product and Vendor A goes away. There are many examples of this. Microsoft started this game by combining Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a Suite, putting the then incumbent leaders (Lotus, WordPerfect and Harvard Graphics) under severe pressure. Years later Microsoft did this same thing to Novel by packing Network Operating System functionality into Windows, and then a few years after that did it again to Netscape by packaging the browser into Windows.

Now both Microsoft and VMware are trying to do this to each other, but in more sophisticated and insidious ways than has ever been attempted before. The reason for all of the sophistication is that this is quite literally a war of extinction where the loser may end up going away. Let’s take a look at the two strategies. 

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