Security at Scale: User Behavioral Analytics

Recently I was invited to participate as a delegate at Tech Field Day 16 in Austin, Texas, where we visited with Forcepoint. Forcepoint is a company with a combined portfolio that includes user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA). UEBA’s primary …
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It Slices, It Dices: It Is Analytics

RSA Conference 2016 is now done. There were about 40,000 attendees, 500+ vendors, and countless hallway conversations. Key to this year’s conference was analytics. You could not walk the show floor without hearing someone extolling the virtues of one analytics product or …
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SDDC Security Tools of the Future

The software-defined data center (SDDC) requires a new breed of security tools that not only handle the velocity of data being generated within a secure hybrid cloud but also handle the volume and variety of data. In fact, this new …
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