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You too Can Prevent Ransomware!

Ransomware is a major concern these days. In many cases, it is a nightmare once it hits, and not just for desktops, but also for servers. Think about it: how would your brand-new analytics package fare if all of the disk data were encrypted by ransomware? Desktops may be the way in, but the deeper into the environment the attacker gets, the more valuable the data. This is where data protection comes to the fore: not just disaster recovery or business continuity, but protection of archival data. We need all of these to survive the latest ransomware attacks by attackers who never send you working decryption keys even if you pay. Preventing a ransomware attack is one thing. Dealing with the aftermath of an attack is another. Prevention and incident response are crucial.

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Next Generation Data Protection: HotLink DR Express

The next generation of data protection is not just about backup or replication into and out of the cloud, but about inexpensive recovery directly into a cloud in a hypervisor agnostic manner.  Recovery is the key to backup and while we spend many hours ensuring that our backups happen in a timely manner, we spend very little time testing those backups and ensuring that recovery can happen at any time for any workload, not just those that are mission critical. Next generation data protection must also be extremely simple to use, setup, and configure. Is your data protection tool a next generation tool or lost in the past somewhere?

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VNXe More than Just Storage

In my article entitled EMC VNXe Spurs Thinking Outside the Box I discussed the possibility of combining several EMC technologies to make a Forensic’s security appliance. This has spurred even further thoughts on this new and revolutionary approach to storage. The possibilities are pretty endless given the ability to ‘refactor’ physical components into virtual components that will run within the VNXe (and for that matter the entire VNX family of products). Granted, some of these ideas need to wait for devices that will work with the add on slot in the back of the VNX controllers: FC or FCoE anyone? But for what else can we use VNXe?

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Monitoring – The basics of the Cloud

“What do you wish to monitor?”, is often my response when someone states they need to monitor the virtual environment. Monitoring however becomes much more of an issue when you enter the cloud. Some of my friends have businesses that use the cloud, specifically private IaaS clouds, but what should the cloud provider monitor and what should the tenant monitor has been a struggle and a debate when dealing with them.

So what does this tenant wish to monitor?

  • Hardware functionality with predictive failures ala Dell Open Manage or HP Insight Manager

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