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Backup Strategy – Continuous Backup Needed?

I had an interesting conversation with Vizioncore yesterday about how backup is not as much a decision about what software to use but what process to use. In addition, this process needs to be considered and thought about from the very beginning of your virtualization architecture design process. With the quantity of virtual machines being used today by the SMB and Enterprise customers, the backup window has grown to nearly an all day event. What you say? An all day event! My backups happen with the window I set.

However, if your virtual machine quantity is sufficiently high you may indeed take all day to make a backup of all your VMs. VM sprawl makes this worse, but that is another subject. Virtualization Backups happen using three basic technologies, but each have their own issues with respect to the architecture and design to be created for your virtual environment. These technologies are:

  1. Backup from Within the VM using traditional backup agents and tools

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