Customization Is What You Want

My friend and colleague, Alastair Cooke, recently published a post entitled Advanced Simplification: You Want It. In this post Alastair lays out his case that simplification is something that would tend to be something that “deep geeks tend to scoff at” while yet at the same time embracing the wizards and silent install scripts that become available to help deploy and or manage an application and/or platform into our environments.


Knowledge Flying out the Door!

Institutional knowledge is leaving companies at a rapid rate. Employees are very mobile, moving between companies fairly rapidly. Just as they learn something important, they are out the door. That knowledge is not always transferred to others staying behind. Here …
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VMworld 2016: Tufin Orchestration Suite

The VMworld 2016 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, gave a great deal of attention to both NSX and security this year. While walking around the Solution Exchange floor, I had the opportunity to stop and talk with Tufin about its Tufin Orchestration Suite, which orchestrates security polices across complex, hybrid cloud, and physical environments.


Cost or Agility: What Is the Private Cloud’s True Purpose?

My assessment is based more on more of a specific scenario in where a company or corporation has presented their business units the options of utilizing a shared infrastructure as well as the options of utilizing the option of a public clouds that are readily available in the technology marketplace.


A Look at Automation Tools of the Trade

A look at automation tools of the trade. In my last post, I spent a little time talking about the difference between automation, which is the automated task or scripted solution to perform a task, and orchestration, which is the complete process and then top it all off with how DevOps is a philosophy behind the orchestration. For this post I want to focus in on the some of the most common tools of the trade behind the automation and orchestration for the different types of environments.


Automation, Orchestration, and DevOps in Today’s Data Center

Automation and orchestration are two of the terms that you hear about more and more especially when discussing virtualization and or cloud computing. One of the main reason for that is as virtualization and cloud computing technology continues to mature, so has the automation and the orchestration that are such an intricate part of the solutions presented forth from this technology and as such there are more and more products and services that are built around automation and orchestration itself. For this post, I want to focus more on the underlying technology before I get more into the different products themselves. This may be most interesting for anyone that is looking to expand their skillset to be able to compete and excel in a technology world that is traveling full speed up into the clouds.