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Knowledge Flying out the Door!

Institutional knowledge is leaving companies at a rapid rate. Employees are very mobile, moving between companies fairly rapidly. Just as they learn something important, they are out the door. That knowledge is not always transferred to others staying behind. Here one day, gone the next. How can you explain a business decision, technology decision, or any other decision without information? Architects, developers, and business folks should be writing documents to cover all major decisions, but these happen long after the decisions have been made. We lack the reasons behind the decisions, the original questions asked, and all the work leading up to the decisions. We do not want to lose institutional knowledge. Now, into this breach comes a new set of tools.

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VMworld 2016: Tufin Orchestration Suite

The VMworld 2016 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, gave a great deal of attention to both NSX and security this year. While walking around the Solution Exchange floor, I had the opportunity to stop and talk with Tufin about its Tufin Orchestration Suite, which orchestrates security polices across complex, hybrid cloud, and physical environments.

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Cost or Agility: What Is the Private Cloud’s True Purpose?

In my continual quest for knowledge and current news about virtualization and cloud computing, Deirdre Mahon’s article “Cost or agility: What is cloud’s true purpose?” caught my attention. I’d like to address the same cost or agility theme, but focus in on private clouds instead of the public cloud. My assessment is based on a more specific scenario, in which a company or corporation has presented its business units with the option of utilizing a shared infrastructure, in addition to the option of the public clouds that are readily available in the current technology marketplace.

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