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Persona Management – User Environment Management by Another Name?

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong sort of clothes. Likewise, there shouldn’t be  such a thing as a bad user profile experience – its more likely you’ve the wrong type of profile solution.

Slow logon due to the message ‘Loading Settings’ is a common profile. Another is the problem user settings are “lost”. How and why that happened is typically down to the fact that no one has thought through what the user needs when they’re accessing their applications from their device. Maybe the profile was never saved or loaded properly; maybe the user has broken some application setting and needs to get it back to the way it worked before.  Maybe the application has changed and the setting they saved no longer applies. If profile management is poorly planned, the user experience can be poor and typically worse over time – impacting on productivity by delaying logins, wasting user and clocking up support time.

Garbage in, garbage out.

A number of VDI vendors have introduced their own solutions to profile issues. Citrix and Quest for instance have user profile management functions  – now VMware has acquired RTO Software’s Virtual Profiles: will this acquisition enable View users to deal with profile issues more effectively?

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