News: Splunk Acquires Cloudmeter

Splunk has acquired CloudMeter, giving Splunk the ability to add custom configured slices of network data to its data store. There are likely numerous use cases for Splunk that will be enhanced by this capability, which will solidify Splunk’s position as the leader in the new ecosystem based management software business.


Monitoring for Agile Operations and DevOps

Building an Agile Operations process will require changes in organization, processes and tools. This is an essential journey for any organization that wishes to remain relevant in the age of Agile Development, the Software Defined Data Center and the Cloud.


Virtualizing Business Critical Applications – The Performance and Capacity Sizing Problem

The process of virtualizing business critical applications should start with using a modern APM tool to establish a response time and throughput baseline for the application while it is still on physical hardware. That baseline should then serve as the reference SLA once the application is virtualized. Performance needs to be defined as response time and throughput, not resource utilization.


The Third Generation of APM

Legacy first and second generation APM tools have failed to keep up with customer requirements. These tools need to be replaced with modern third generation APM tools that have been modernized for today’s development and deployment paradigms. These tools are also a critical part of the process of virtualizing business critical applications.