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News: Splunk Acquires Cloudmeter

PerformanceManagementSplunk, the provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced it has acquired Cloudmeter, Inc., a provider of network data capture technologies. The addition of Cloudmeter will enhance the ability of Splunk customers to analyze machine data directly from their networks and correlate it with other machine-generated data to gain insights across Splunk’s core use cases in application and infrastructure management, IT operations, security, and business analytics. Continue reading News: Splunk Acquires Cloudmeter

Monitoring for Agile Operations and DevOps

Agile Cloud DevelopmentIn Agile without Ops Is Not Really Agile, The Virtualization Practice analyst Mike Kavis did an excellent job of pointing out that just making development agile does not make the entire IT organization more responsive to the business—as it ignores all of the things that can and do go wrong in production. Making production support agile requires addressing the processes and tools that are used in Operations. A huge part of agile operations involves monitoring and the processes that use the monitoring tools. Continue reading Monitoring for Agile Operations and DevOps

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications – The Performance and Capacity Sizing Problem

PerformanceManagementVMware (and Microsoft) continue to make excellent progress driving the penetration of their data center virtualization offerings. Over half of the servers run by VMware customers are now virtualized. The progress has been so good that now it is time to ask two important questions. Is what is left to virtualize different that what already has been virtualized? And, if what is left is virtualizing business critical applications, will running them on the virtualization platform be any different than what we experience today? Continue reading Virtualizing Business Critical Applications – The Performance and Capacity Sizing Problem

The Third Generation of APM

PerformanceManagementRecently it has become abundantly clear that there is great turmoil in the business of Application Performance Management (APM). CA has sponsored a study by IDG research services  that concluded that “Most Enterprises are Approaching APM SaaS Cautiously“. Separately, Information Week asked “What’s Killing APM”, and concluded that “App performance management is seen as less important than it was two years ago, partly because vendors haven’t kept up”. These problems are being caused by first and second generation APM solutions and are driving the market for third generation APM solutions. Continue reading The Third Generation of APM