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Posts from the Field: Application Portfolio Rationalization

agilecloudI recently spent four months mired knee-deep in a large enterprise transformation project, analyzing and working directly with the customer on a bloated application portfolio rationalization. This isn’t easy, especially with a very large, diverse enterprise. Companies of this type have multiple business areas, some of which in turn have multiple business units, each with its own complexities and quirks. These areas and units each have their own versions of shadow IT. Further, in the name of being more productive, they may choose to use applications that aren’t known or supported by the central IT organization.

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It’s All about the Apps, Part 1

DataCenterVirtualizationIn this first segment of a two-part series, we will cover the intricacies of applications (apps) as part of transitioning to a virtualization infrastructure. The second installation will delve into automation tools that can address the assessment of applications so as to minimize the work effort necessary to achieve success.

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March to the Cloud—Or Not?

DesktopVirtualizationCloud this, cloud that…it seems that the cloud will heal all your woes. But will it really? Some vendors are using the term “cloud” to signify various services, such Software as a Service (SaaS), private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and more. With so many clouds, how can you be sure that you’re getting the right cloud for you or whether you even need a cloud?

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Mobile Devices and Desktops = Secure, Virtualized Applications?

ApplicationVirtualizationWith the number of mobile devices in use now surpassing that of desktops worldwide, the application virtualization requirements of business mobile users continues to grow exponentially. Whether these users access their business apps from a smartphone, tablet, or—the latest buzzword—“phablet,” their common denominator is their demand for more and better business applications on the go.

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Taking a Look at VMware Feature Limitations

Since the introduction of virtualization there has been sheer joy and excitement when having to work with application owners on the amount of resources they will need and not what they really think they want.   I have seen all kinds of minimum, maximum, and special recommendation for all kinds of application over the years. In most cases, applications have evolved to be able to thrive in a virtual environment without too many limitations.  Now it seems we have to verify which VMware features are fully supported with certain virtualized application also.

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