In Search of the “Nirvana App”: Cloudhouse, Next-Generation Application Virtualization

Today I was speaking with Mat Clothier, CTO of the application virtualization new-kid-on-the-block Cloudhouse. Cloudhouse, a UK-based enterprise, aims to shake up the application virtualization arena to the core, and at first glance, its solution seems very compelling.


The Logic of FSLogix

Applications are one of the most complex aspects of virtualization because of the uniqueness of each environment. While most vendors have focused on testing, diagnosing, and/or packaging applications in order to determine suitability and to create workarounds necessary for implementation, …
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XenApp 7.5: Importance of Citrix Announcement

Last week, Citrix announced the release of XenApp 7.5, which will be available in March. Although the touted features focus on mobility and cloud integration, there’s a key underlying message within this announcement: “Long live virtualized applications and XenApp as …
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