New Application Performance Management for Virtualization and Clouds White Paper Released

The Virtualization Practice has released a major update to its Application Performance Management for Virtualization and Cloud White paper. This paper covers both Application Performance Management for custom developed applications (DevOps), and Application Performance Management for every application (purchased and custom developed) in production (AppOpps).


News: AppDynamics and New Relic Prepare to go Big Time in the APM Market

By raising respectively $50 and $80M AppDynamics and New Relic have positioned themselves to go public sometime in the next two years. They will join Splunk and Solarwinds as brand new management software companies built from the group up to meet the new requirements for management of virtualized and cloud based data centers.


The Third Generation of APM

Legacy first and second generation APM tools have failed to keep up with customer requirements. These tools need to be replaced with modern third generation APM tools that have been modernized for today’s development and deployment paradigms. These tools are also a critical part of the process of virtualizing business critical applications.


Your VMworld 2012 Virtualization Management Sponsors and Exhibitors Short List

VMworld 2012 is upon us. Use this list to figure out which booths should be on your short list for creative and new solutions. With over 230 booths to choose from this is a daunting task. If you are interested in management, monitoring, deployment, security, data protection, and desktop management problems, this list will help you.