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News: Compuware PureStack adds a Focus on Application Operations

The traditional view of APM is that APM has been 1) all about custom developed applications, and 2) all about finding the problem in the custom developed code that is creating the performance, throughput, or availability problem. However, as more an more applications are being put in highly distributed, shared, dynamic (virtualized), and cloud based environment, it is increasingly becoming the case that problems in the infrastructure are impacting the applications.

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The Rise of Application Operations and the Role for Next Generation APM Solutions

In, “Is it Time to Reorganize Data Center Operations“, we proposed the IT Operations be reorganized into “Virtual Operations”, where all of the teams that were responsible for resources supporting Virtual Operations (System Engineering, Servers, LAN’s, WAN’s, SAN and Storage) all reported to one person who was responsible for ensuring the delivery of viable virtual environment. In the same post, we proposed that how applications are supported in production, get reorganized into “Application Operations” where there would be one team responsible for the operation of all applications (purchased and custom developed).

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