Patent Trolls, Your Time May Finally Be Up

Patents are a valid protection against intellectual property theft. They are granted by the relevant authority on behalf of a sovereign state: for example, the US Patent Office in America, and the Patent Office in the UK. Once granted, patents assign exclusive …
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Security in Our Modern Times, Part 3: My Final Thoughts

Security in our modern times and my final thoughts. This is a continuation of my other “Security in our Modern Times” post that can be found here and here and this story has gotten to a point where you just cannot make this up. So let me give you the Reader’s Digest review of the story and then give you my opinion on the latest twist and see if you agree with my opinion.


4 Reasons The Calxeda Shutdown Isn’t Surprising

The board of Calxeda, the company trying to bring low-power ARM CPUs to the server market, has voted to cease operations in the wake of a failed round of financing. This is completely unsurprising to me, for a few different …
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Bromium vSentry a Next Generation Hypervisor to End Malware Woes?

Desktop security startup Bromium announced the general availability of vSentry, at the Gartner Security and Risk Management management Summit in London today. Their first product to be based on the Bromium Microvisor designed to protect from advanced malware that attacks the enterprise through poisoned attachments, documents and websites.