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State of the Clouds

It’s the state of the clouds! As we float further along into 2016, the overall state of affairs for cloud services remains very strong, with over fifty percent year-to-year growth being reported in the fourth quarters of 2014 and 2015. Moving right along into 2016, the absolute growth should continue, with the largest growth opportunity expected to be in the small and medium business and mid-market customers. This is followed by the large enterprises, which will continue the migration of services like email and databases into the cloud space. Cleveland Research published a sales comparison chart that shows the growth rate for 2015 and the estimated growth for 2016.

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Amazon WorkSpaces Gains App Subscriptions but Still Falls Short

Amazon has taken a big step forward in its application delivery strategy, taking to the stage at the April AWS Summit in San Francisco to announce the introduction of AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps, a dedicated storefront for Amazon’s Desktop as a Service platform, Amazon WorkSpaces, through which customers can purchase off-the-shelf applications to run on their virtual desktops. At the same time, Amazon VP Andy Jassy announced the availability of a new admin tool, WorkSpaces Application Manager, which controls admin and user access to marketplace apps. 

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Which Cloud Does Not Matter

Our recent poll results are in and have been tabulated. Following a discussion with Andi Mann (@AndiMann), we agreed the results were surprising: which cloud does not matter. At the same time, some of the responses confirmed a few thoughts that we have espoused for years.

We posed one question to the readers of our site, who are from all over the world and tend to be cloud and virtualization savvy: Which Clouds Do You Use?

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The Irony in IT

Oh, the irony in IT. Early in my career, the Windows operating system dominated the corporate world, until Linux came along and presented an alternative to Windows dominance. Flash forward to today, and now both Amazon and Google, two of the largest cloud computing platforms that have Linux supporting the hypervisor, are able to support Windows Servers and other platforms.

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Amazon WorkSpaces DaaS: Not a Lot of Desktop, Very Little Service

I have spent a lot of time in the past month looking at DaaS platforms and providers. While pricing tends to be about the same across the board, product quality and service vary widely. Some are excellent, others less so. Amazon is a case in point: while it entered the market with some fanfare, it would appear to be suffering more than its fair share of teething troubles, with still some way to go before it is ready for prime time.

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