The VMware Optimism

Upon the completion of the VMworld 2017 conferences in Las Vegas and Barcelona, I find myself feeling very optimistic about VMware. The near-term demand appears to be favorable, and the partner communities are anticipating an acceleration well into 2018. As such, the partners are making go-to-market investments in VMware NSX, VMware vSAN, and the vRealize product suite.


Live from VMworld 2017

Checking in with you live from VMworld 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Things here at the conference are really starting to heat up both inside and outside, with the temperature reaching up to 108 degrees this week. There was a lot of hype coming into the conference, with the details of the VMware/Amazon AWS platform finally getting fully released.


Demand for VMware Services 2017

I believe we have reached a point at which any negative thoughts and concerns about the effects Dell’s acquisition of EMC might have on VMware are getting put to rest. We are fast approaching the start of the fourth quarter of 2017, and all indicators show strong demand for VMware services in compute, network, and storage.