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Pulling from vs. Pushing to the Cloud

Ask anyone if they have adopted the cloud, and the answer will likely be yes. Whether it’s Microsoft Office 365,, Google Docs, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or any of the myriad other cloud services, almost everyone will cheerfully admit to using the cloud in some form. Does the definition of cloud imply pulling from cloud services, workloads pushing to the cloud, or perhaps both?

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VMware Takes Big Steps into its Cross-Cloud Vision

VMware takes big steps into its cross-cloud vision. My esteemed colleague at TVP Strategy Jo Harder recently released an article on the rumors about an upcoming VMware and Amazon Web Services press conference announcement. Jo was right on the money with her assessment: an official announcement was made, although VMware mistakenly posted its announcement a wee bit early. I would like to build off of Jo’s post and move the conversation in slightly different direction.

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VMware + AWS?

Rumors are flying that VMware and Amazon Web Services will be teaming together to offer cloud services for VMware workloads. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, on what will reportedly be a significant announcement related to a partnership between the two companies.

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