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HCI Will Chase You up the Stack

I really do not see hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as the final product for the leading vendors. It is more of a minimum viable product than a finished solution. Converging compute and storage has made infrastructure management easier, but there is still a whole lot of IT that is not easier. I sometimes tell people that their role is changing or going away after they deploy HCI. I usually tell them to move up the stack. Up the stack is closer to the business that employs them and uses the IT. Up the stack is getting closer to the applications and the data, and then to the users. The next move for HCI vendors is to move up that stack to make application development, deployment, and operation easier.

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EMC ViPR as a Part of a SDDC

At EMC World 2013, EMC announced ViPR as the answer to storage within the software defined data center. ViPR presents multiple types of storage while segmenting the control plane from the data plane. In addition, ViPR is a head end, fronting traditional storage arrays as an automation and control point and does not replace any array, but, possibly, makes it easier to use those arrays as we move to the software defined data center. Yet, ViPR also raises several questions about how storage will be accessed by the software defined data center: is ViPR the future, or is there more to happen?

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