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Virtualization Security Round-up (Updated)

In the End-to-End Virtualization Security Whitepaper we review various aspects of server security with an eye to determining how the products would work together to create a secure virtual environment.  While some of these tools are cross-platform, the vast majority of them are geared specifically to VMware vSphere.

In this post we will look at Server Security, and we will follow-up with another post about Desktop Security? Are these very different? I believe so, desktops have daily, second by second user interactions. For desktops, one of the most important aspects is look and feel such as response time for actions. So things need to be as fast as possible. With Servers however, user interactions are limited and therefore have slightly different performance and security requirements. What may be acceptable for a server may not be acceptable for a desktop. So what do the tools provide for servers?

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Virtualization Security Product Space Heating Up!

There are now more players in the virtualization security product space. While at RSA Conference 2010 I walked the show floor in search of these vendors to discover what they were doing. While some vendors do not address virtualization security, the vast majority are either looking to do so or actually have a virtualization security product.

The products fall into three categories:

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End-To-End Virtual Environment Security

Have you ever wondered how all the virtualization security tools fit together? Wait no longer as we have a new White Paper that will tell you this information. How do products from Altor Networks, Catbird Security, Reflex Systems, HyTrust, Tripwire, and others fit within your virtual environment?

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Intrusion Protection and Detection within the Virtual Environment

There has been lots of debate on whether to place security tools within a virtual environment, whether such tools are needed, and how these tools should work.  Since many of these topics were covered by Hoff’s Rational Survivability blog in the past, I will not revisit them. The premise for this discussion is that yes such security tools are needed, that they do need to be redundant, and they are required to be implemented within your environment. We will answer what tools exist that provide Intrusion Protection and Detection within the virtual environment.

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Making sense of the Virtualization Security Players (Updated)

The known virtualization security vendors Reflex Systems,  Catbird Security, Altor Networks, HyTrust, Symantec, Trend Microsystems, Tripwire,  and VMware all showed their wares at VMworld.  Even Checkpoint was showing off their firewall integration within the virtualized environment. Are these really competing products or products that have unique uses within the virtual environment with just a bit of overlap?

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