AI World 2017

AI World 2017: Have you heard about or did you get to attend the AI World Conference and Expo that was in Boston Massachusetts from December 11th – December 13th, 2017?  If you have not heard of AI World before then you might be wondering what the conference is all about.  An overview of the conference, taken from the brochure, states “AI World is the industry’s largest independent event focused on the state of the practice of enterprise AI and machine learning.


Skynet or Eagle Eye: You Decide

Skynet or Eagle Eye, you decide. There is a little military exercise going on in the U.S. called Jade Helm that you might have heard about. What makes this interesting for me is the computer systems that are involved with this military exercise. All militaries enjoy using acronyms for just about everything and J.A.D.E. H.E.L.M would be another example of that, as well. Jade actually stands for Joint Assistant for Development and Execution and from what I can tell this is a cloud system that is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) system and sponsored by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


Bionic as a Service

I can remember as I child one of my favorite television shows was the Six Million Dollar Man. In case you’re not really old enough to remember the show, it was about an astronaut named Steve Austin who is severely injured in the crash of an experimental Lifting Body Aircraft, he is “rebuilt” in an operation that costs six million dollars.