The Potentially Pervasive Impact of Docker

Docker has the potential to revolutionize several segments of the IT industry. However management of containers is a brand new problem that the existing ecosystem of startups and maybe some new ones are going to address in order for Docker to be deployed pervasively.


Monitoring for Agile Operations and DevOps

Building an Agile Operations process will require changes in organization, processes and tools. This is an essential journey for any organization that wishes to remain relevant in the age of Agile Development, the Software Defined Data Center and the Cloud.


Management Frameworks Will Die

Agile development, DevOps, language proliferation, platform proliferation, scaled out data centers, and applications distributed across private, hybrid and public clouds make management frameworks into dangerously useless legacy software. New economic models for selling and purchasing management software make frameworks unacceptably expensive. For these reasons frameworks need to be put on the glide path to oblivion.


Continuous Integration in the Cloud

In our intro on Agile Cloud Development, we articulated why we think this is the future of software development. Today we’ll kick off the Dev in the Cloud series with a look at Continuous Integration (CI) and the cloud’s impact on this popular agile development practice. We’ll explain how CI is the essential building block for Continuous Deployment, the secret sauce for start-ups from Facebook to Netflix.