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Ericom rethink virtual desktop use and offer AccessCloud to ISVs and Cloud Hosting Providers

One day, perhaps, all applications may be delivered within a web browser with back end services offered in the Cloud.  One day, perhaps, there will a single web standard that each and every web browser  adheres to. One day, perhaps, a web browser platform will offer the rich user interface and controls that a more traditional desktop OS can provide without a raft of add-ons and controls. However, as we mentioned in our article on The Rise of Application Operations and the Role for Next Generation APM Solutions the reality is that custom developed applications have been developed in countless different ways ranging from FoxPro and dBase, to Visual Basic​, C, C++, MFC, COM+.

This causes an issue for ISVs who have products developed using such technologies. How can they meet their customers’ demands to deliver the application to a wider range of devices; to charged for the application using a Software-as-a-Service model; indeed, to reduce the complexity and lead time for application delivery that is often associated with a traditional application that has to be installed locally within a client operating system. Moreover, is it possible to provide support and delivery of applications that require specific operating environment components as customers move to Windows 7 and beyond?

To attempt to resolve these requirements, Ericom Software have announced Ericom AccessCloud – a new initiative aimed at facilitating the adoption of Cloud-hosted services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), multi-tenancy, and billing and automatic provisioning solutions, by ISVs and cloud-hosting companies.

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Ericom blazes forward with an HTML5 Client for VDI

Ericom Software have announced a number of solutions to allow organisations to deliver VDI access to a wider range of devices. Ericom joined a number of other vendors such as 2x, Citrix and Quest, in offering a free mobile client – AccessToGo – which is available on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android tablets and phones. AccessToGo supports RDP and VMware View, but also Ericom’s Blaze RDP accelerator and Ericom’s own PowerTerm WebConnect client.

Perhaps more importantly, Ericom have also announced the general availability of their patent-pending HTML5 client, AccessNow.  AccessNow provides web-based access to a range of  RDP based virtual desktop solutions – be they hosted desktops such as VMware View or session based desktops in Microsoft’s Terminal Services/RDS.

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