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Virtualization Review 2010

It is the last few days of the year and time for a review of virtualization 2010.  Although VMware was founded in 1998 it was not until 2001 that I first heard of VMware and played with the Workstation product to be able to run different flavors of Linux.  So for me, 2010 closes out a great year in virtualization as a whole as well as a decade of virtualization…  and what a ride it has been!

Staying focused on 2010 we have had a few things that have been worthy to note.  This year we have moved past defining what a “cloud” is and really starting to discuss  how we are going to “secure the cloud.” The term “cloud computing” still leads the way as one of the biggest buzz word with most all people and companies now having heard of it are planning one way or another on deployment options into their own environments. One thing for sure is the need for fully qualified individuals to maintain and designs the clouds moving forward.

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Acadia and Its Place in the World

I can remember, in what seems like a really long time ago, about the creation of a new company that will support the coalition of VMware, Cisco and EMC’s vBlock product: Acadia.  I had really long forgotten about the new company that was going to be formed when EMC really started their hiring blitz and campaign to get all the well known talent that EMC could get their hand on.  That had been the news and buzz in the industry, as well as a nonstop twitter topic speculation about who was going to be the next person  to enroll in Chad’s Army as a vSpecialist.  It really appeared that the EMC crew was going to be in the best position to support and sell vBlock technology.

What got my attention about Acadia again was Chad Sakac blog post about “More than 200 open positions at EMC, EMC partners and VCE.” In case you had forgotten about them also Acadia, it is a joint venture, founded by Cisco and EMC with capital investments from VMware and Intel. It is the combination of these companies that make up the VCE Coalition. The VCE is VMware for the virtualization, Cisco for the networking and server hardware and EMC for the storage.  All of this to be able to present a faster and safer transition to a next generation data center environment.

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Is Virtualization Solutions Delivery Fundamentally Changing?

Ever since the rise to prominence of the Intel/AMD based server platform there has been a simple, horizontally integrated solutions delivery model for the hardware, operating system, middleware, networking, and security industries. That model was based upon the concept that vendors of hardware and software typically specialized in one layer of the solution (server hardware, or operating systems, or routers/switches) and that services organizations (VARs and major systems integrators) assembled and integrated these layers of the cake into solutions for the customer.

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