TVP Strategy conducts research both for our subscribers, as well as for our sponsors.   One of our core competencies is creating Reference Architectures, both industry and vendor specific. In order to create reference architectures, we need to fully understand requirements. Our latest research pulls those requirements into a set of topic coverage graphs. Having served ‘in the trenches’, we create logical, reference architectures that enable vendors’ customers to better understand how best to design and implement their technology in respect to the bigger picture.  Our research focuses on our 3 core pillars of expertise; virtualization, cloud and containers, with the blend of data protection, end user computing, IT as a Service, SDDC and hybrid cloud, security, and transformation and agility.

Other research is generated from our involvement in attending, and speaking at, industry conferences and events, where we ‘filter’ the news and provide our insight as to  the relevance of what is being announced and/or discussed at such events.

Below you will find a selection of white papers generated from this research.

last modified: February 7th, 2017 by Editor: Edward Haletky