TVP Strategy hosts and publishes a number of podcasts specific to our featured topics. Click on the tabs below to select your area of interest.

Virtual Thoughts

The Virtual Thoughts video podcast, is a 15-20m thought leadership discussion you often find within the halls of a conference. We talk not about a given product but about the technology, the future of the technology, and how it fits into your environment today.

Click on the Virtual Thoughts image to view the latest in the playlist on Youtube.

Virtual Thoughts

Cloud Security

The Virtualization and Cloud Security Podcast covers security for virtual, cloud, and container environments. The podcast first started on Talkshoe and now resides on Youtube. We keep the Talkshoe channel up to data for voice only. Click on the Virtualization and Cloud Security image  to view the latest in the playlist on Youtube.

The Week That Was

The Week That Was is our news show. We take 15-20m a week to tell you about all the things that happened that week, not just to our sponsors but within the industry. During slow weeks we do not publish the news show.

Click on the The Week That Was image to the view the latest in the playlist on Youtube.

The Week That Was

EUC Podcast

The Virtualization EUC podcast brings to you conversation about end user computing within an increasingly virtual, cloud, and mobile world. Citrixgurl will be interviewing EUC industry pundits from Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and others in an effort to bring forth not only best practices but the current elements of end user computing and how they are changing.