Xceedium Xsuite® controls access, monitors, and records the activities of privileged users across the hybrid cloud. You can easily define, apply, and enforce security policies to sensitive systems across traditional data centers, virtualized infrastructure, and public and private clouds. Xsuite manages passwords and protects servers regardless of where they’re located, helping to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and lower administrative overhead.

Xsuite Privileged Identity Management Capabilities

Protect Administrative Credentials

Xsuite protects administrative credentials for all types of resources—servers, databases, networking equipment, and more. Safely stored in a secure Credential Safe™, passwords and credentials are vaulted and encrypted at rest, in transit, and in memory, limiting the risk of theft or disclosure. Xsuite also eliminates the risks of passwords hard-coded into scripts and applications.

Monitor, React, and Record Everything

Xsuite examines everything privileged users do while accessing protected resources. Actions are compared with access control policies before execution, and unauthorized activities are blocked. Events are logged for later analysis, and alerts generated. Xsuite captures continuous, tamper-evident logging and recording of administrative sessions.

Protect Hybrid Cloud Consoles

Xsuite adds comprehensive privileged identity management controls to VMware vCenter Server and the AWS Management Console.

Ensure Positive Privileged User Authentication

Privileged users control the most sensitive IT resources in your organization. Xsuite authenticates these users through integration with Active Directory and LDAP-compliant directories, as well as authentication systems like Radius. Xsuite fully supports enabling technologies like PKI/X.509 certificates, smartcards, and security tokens. And Xsuite provides full attribution of actions taken to specific individuals, eliminating anonymous administrator activity.

Prevent Leapfrogging

With Xsuite, a small footprint on the network can’t be exploited to gain roundabout access to unauthorized resources. Xsuite provides trusted users with a list of only those systems to which they’re expressly permitted access. And Xsuite proactively defends against attempts to take advantage of inside information about network resources, actively blocking attempts to connect to systems and resources other than those expressly permitted.

Automatically Discover and Protect Amazon Web Services and Virtualized Resources

Xsuite delivers the unique ability to automatically discover virtualized and cloud resources. Xsuite automatically establishes—and begins enforcing—desired policies on these dynamic resources as they’re discovered. Infrastructure is never exposed, regardless of how rapidly it may appear.

Hybrid Cloud Coverage, Platform-Specific Optimizations

Xsuite for Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vSphere and IBM mainframes deliver highly integrated control, access, and monitoring capabilities for widely deployed hybrid-cloud computing platforms. Technical collaboration with platform vendors and tight integration ensure your ability to control and audit privileged user activity across the entire new enterprise.

last modified: April 9th, 2013 by Editor: Edward Haletky

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