xStream Enterprise Cloud

Virtustream is the enterprise-class cloud software and service provider trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical applications in the cloud. For enterprises, service providers and government agencies, only Virtustream’s xStream™ cloud management platform (CMP) software and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) meet the security, compliance, performance, efficiency and consumption-based billing requirements of complex production applications in the cloud – whether private, public or hybrid. The company is headquartered in Washington D.C. with offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Geneva, Dubai and software development centers in Kaunas, Lithuania and Pune, India. Virtustream owns and operates data centers in the U.S. and Europe with service provider partner data centers in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

xStream is available in several editions, allowing enterprises to craft an tailored cloud solution taking into account the unique needs of each application:

  • xStream Private Cloud, a software/appliance for enterprises to run in existing data centers
  • xStream Virtual Private Cloud, a set of managed cloud services running on Virtustream’s cloud
  • xStream Public Cloud, for service provider and government customers to offer enterprise cloud services

Virtustream Public, Private, Hybrid CloudxStream features are tailored to the needs of enterprise cloud users, and include:

  • Hybrid cloud management. xStream allows enterprises to control their IT infrastructure via a single, unified management console, combining onsite-private clouds, offsite virtual private clouds, shared/public clouds and managed cloud services into a single, hybrid cloud tailored to suit each enterprise’s requirements.
  • Enterprise-grade security. xStream offers multi-tiered, logical and physical cloud security and threat monitoring in depth, including silicon-level authentication with Intel TxTTM support
  • Enterprise-grade compliance. xStream is architected to the highest security and compliance standards, enabling enterprises to meet NIST 800-53 (Defense), DIACAP (Gov), FISMA, ICD503, G-Cloud, SSAE16, ISO27001, HIPAA (Healthcare), PCI (e-commerce), SAS70 and other industry standards.
  • Application assurance. xStream uses patented Virtustream µVMTM technology to assure application performance by pooling and assuring compute, memory, storage and network resources. We back this up with industry-leading SLAs and application performance guarantees.
  • Consumption based pricing and chargeback. xStream allows true consumption based pricing and chargeback. Enterprises pay only for resources actually used in small increments of time, and can easily bill these back to business units.
  • Enterprise and legacy application support. xStream allows enterprises to run mission-critical legacy and web-scale software, and demanding enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, databases, and many more in the cloud, gaining cloud benefits without rewriting existing applications.
  • Compatible with existing IT: xStream works with all major hardware and leading hypervisors, working seamlessly with existing enterprise and service provider investments.
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xStream Private Cloud brings the power of Virtustream’s proven enterprise –class  Infrastructure-as-a-Service software to your data center, via software or as a pre-configured appliance.

Why Private Cloud?

For applications where it is necessary to run in an environment where physical hardware is not shared with other enterprises, xStream Private Cloud is an ideal solution. It provides a world-class infrastructure-as-a-service management and control platform, without the concern of comingled data or application processing.

xStream Private Cloud Features & Benefits

  • Full control and isolation. xStream Private Cloud runs in your data center; you have complete control over cloud access and physical security.
  • Secure and compliant. xStream Private Cloud is supports existing security practices and standards, reducing risk and ensuring compliance.
  • Highly manageable. Virtualized workloads running on the xStream Private Cloud benefit from the same robust management tools that Virtustream uses to manage its cloud achieving 60-80% increases in efficiency over traditional IT and 25-30% efficiency beyond traditional virtualization.
  • Leverage existing investments. Deploy xStream Private Cloud on new or existing data center infrastructure, including x86 servers and P and I Series systems running a variety of hypervisors (Vmware, Red Hat, KVM, PowerVm, CentOS, Xen …).
  • Fully-managed option. Users of xStream Private Cloud software and appliances may opt for full management, with Virtustream providing SLA-based remote operations management.
  • Hybrid control and services.  xStream Private Cloud also allows hybrid control and connection to secure virtual private/public clouds – enabling backup, disaster recovery and even cloud-bursting for additional capacity – all simply managed in a single interface.
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xStream Virtual Private Cloud provides fully-managed cloud infrastructure on demand, from Virtustream-owned data centers in North America and Europe. With Virtual Private Cloud, clients are securely logically and virtually separated, while resources are shared across multiple clients, yielding significant economic advantages.

Why Virtual Private Cloud?

For those applications where third-party hosting/management is an option, xStream Virtual Private Cloud allows users to achieve the economic benefits of secure multi-tenant cloud computing environments without giving up performance and manageability.  Enterprises can selectively move existing applications to a managed cloud service reducing day-to-day maintenance and overhead – freeing time to work on new business requirements.

xStream Virtual Private Cloud Features & Benefits

  • Fully managed. xStream Virtual Private Cloud is fully managed by Virtustream according to the company’s proven application and infrastructure management best practices.
  • Highly secure. Virtustream’s data centers conform to the highest levels of [security and compliance] in the industry, including NIST 800-53, DIACAP, FISMA, ICD503, G-Cloud, SSAE16, ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI, SAS70.
  • Performance guaranteed. Unique in the industry, xStream’s µVM technology allows Virtustream to offer guaranteed IOPS, network and CPU/Memory configurations, backed by application performance service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Mission-critical ready. Virtustream is already supporting hundreds of businesses and thousands of applications on the cloud today.  xStream runs mission critical applications like CRM, ERP, Databases, web servers, mainframe applications and thousands more.
  • Disaster ready. xStream Virtual Private Cloud can backup/replicate applications and data across data centers, delivering 99.999% availability and industry leading RPO and RTO.
  • Extremely elastic. Provision new cloud resources occurs instantly, typically in under five seconds.   Meet dynamic unpredictable demand without overbuilding.
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xStream Public Cloud is software that allows Service Providers and Government organizations to offer enterprise-class cloud services using their own hardware and data centers.   Many service providers and governments have built public clouds today, but few can offer enterprise and business cloud services.

Why Public Cloud?

While numerous software options seek to enable service providers and others to construct, deliver and manage public cloud services, none of these are able to offer enterprise-grade levels of service. By offering xStream Public Cloud to service providers and government customers, Virtustream enables these organizations to more easily deliver highly secure, high performance, SLA backed and compliant cloud computing services to their customers.

xStream Public Cloud Features & Benefits

  • Automated and transparent. xStream Public Cloud gives service providers and government organizations the tools required to achieve high-levels of efficiency in operating their own cloud, while ensuring complete visibility.
  • Secure and compliant. Proven in environments conforming to the highest levels of security and compliance – including defense and government standards. xStream Public Cloud gives service providers an ideal foundation for their own and their customer’s compliance requirements.
  • Multi-tenant efficiency: Delivers multi-tenant efficiency for clouds without compromising security or performance – backed by SLAs.  Maximize the return on your data center investments
  • Leverage existing investments. Deploy xStream Public Cloud on new or existing data center infrastructure, including x86 servers and P and I Series systems running a variety of hypervisors (Vmware, Red Hat, KVM, PowerVm, CentOS, Xen …).
  • Consumption based pricing; xStream provides true consumption based pricing of actual resources consumed in small time increments.  Charge customers by the resources they use, allocate charges.
  • OSS/BSS Integration. xStream Public Cloud integrates with existing provisioning, ticketing, billing, and other operational and business support systems.
  • Offer Hybrid cloud services.  Enterprises with xStream Private Cloud can connect to xStream public clouds for a hybrid cloud solution – enabling backup, disaster recovery and even cloud-bursting for additional capacity – all simply managed in a single interface.
  • Offer enterprise-class managed cloud services:
    • Secure and compliant.
    • Application performance SLAs
    • Consumption based pricing
    • Highly manageable.
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