Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments delivers the industry’s leading analytics platform for Infrastructure Performance Management. VirtualWisdom empowers customers to deliver on the complex requirements of their application infrastructure. The platform provides insights into the performance and availability of the end to end system – across physical, virtual and cloud environments. VirtualWisdom intelligently captures, correlates,
and analyzes an unmatched breadth and depth of
data, transforming data into answers and actionable insights. This allows the promotion and guarantee of performance-based Service Level Agreements, changing the value of the infrastructure. With insights, customers can take control of their environment, accurately inform collaborative dialogues, and drive business outcomes.

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VirtualWisdom4 thrives in the always- changing IT landscape

Implementing today’s technology-intensive IT projects requires agile, efficient, and scalable infrastructure that often bridges physical, virtual, and cloud environments. With these different environments come disparate tools and data dashboards that don’t connect the dots across the systems and devices. This lack of correlation can lead to various teams with a lot of device-specific data, but no answers when it comes to performance of applications and entire systems.

VirtualWisdom4 is the only platform available that turns all of that data into useful answers and insights. It takes the millions of data points about health, utilization, and performance from every level of your infrastructure— from VM/server to SAN fabric to storage—and analyzes them, in real time, presenting you with insights, trends, emergent issues, and potential optimization paths to see performance gains and better utilization. Historical views also allow you to pinpoint problem triggers and solve them quickly. These insights help you strategically approach business decisions and IT projects armed with the answers you need.

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The Value that VirtualWisdom4 Delivers:

  • Increase your existing infrastructure’s performance by 50% or more
  • See up to a 50% reduction in planned infrastructure spend through optimization of existing assets
  • Reduce system-wide latency by half or more
  • Guarantee SLAs and show evidence of performance
  • Reduce troubleshooting time by 80%
  • Realize ROI within 9 months
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VirtualWisdom4 Architecture

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VirtualWisdom4 Use Cases

  • Proactive monitoring – guarantee IT application infrastructure performance and availability
  • Critical Infrastructure Auditing – identify emergent issues, reduce OpEx & CapEx by driving greater performance and utilization of your existing assets
  • New technology performance validation and benchmarking (Flash storage, converged, etc.) – for 
expectations and accelerated adoption
  • Data center migration and consolidation – benchmark performance before and after to see improvements to efficiencies and guarantee performance
  • Troubleshooting – identify and remediate root causes of outages and performance degradation
  • Risk management and mitigation
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