Turbonomic Operations Manager – Demand-Driven Control

Operations Manager is a unified control system. The software assures workload performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

·         Unified control engine for capacity planning, workload onboarding, and performance management
·         Continuously assures workload performance by preventatively reallocating resources (before degradations occur)
·         Maximizes infrastructure efficiency by managing infrastructure capacity and utilization
·         Easy deployment – be up and running in less than an hour

Turbonomic is a unified control system for cloud and virtual environments that assures application performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Turbonomic models the data center after an economic market—workload (applications, VMs, containers) are “buyers” and compute, storage, fabric, etc. are “sellers.” These entities simply follow the Supply and Demand principles of economics to work out placement, sizing, and stop/start decisions among themselves.

Think of Turbonomic as the “Invisible Hand” for your datacenter, an automatable artificial intelligence. Traditional monitoring & management solutions leave it to you to drudge through dashboards, alerts, and reports to determine how to fix a problem. Your datacenter has an infinite number of possible configurations where workload needs sometimes push the environment in conflicting directions. By leveraging Supply and Demand principles, you can allow each workload to decide which tradeoffs would best satisfy their needs, and thus, you can drive your entire environment into a Desired State in which all workload demands are being satisfied by infrastructure supply as efficiently as possible.

Assuring Application Performance

VMTurbo Break Fix Cycle GuyTurbonomic’s Operations Management Software continuously assures application performance by orchestrating workloads in the environment based on real-time application and VM demand, resource availability, and business continuity constraints.

No more waiting for things to break. The platform pro-actively aligns resources, avoiding any degradation in performance. No. More. Alerts.

Within one hour of deployment, Turbonomic will identify performance issues in your environment and provide the specific actions to remedy the issues. It then continuously evaluates the changing demands of your applications against infrastructure availability to deliver and maintain the Desired State in your virtual environment.

Reducing CapEx

On average, Turbonomic customers increase VM density by 20-40% without risking degradation in their environment.

A traditional approach to managing contention is “Shared Peak Provisioning”: resources are allocated based simply on the sum of the peak application demands. This approach leads to dramatic over provisioning of resources, even on a virtualized infrastructure.

Turbonomic’s Operations Management solution effectively multiplexes workloads based on average and peak utilization. It continuously assesses business priority, real-time resource needs, and dynamic placement opportunities. By understanding real-time demand and meeting it with infrastructure supply it enables you to run on the smallest footprint possible while assuring performance.

QoS Adherence

VMTurbo QoS Utilization ScaleThe current solution landscape is focused on providing users with more and more data; our mantra is and always has been Actions Speak Louder Than Alerts. Our QoS Adherence elevates administrators and architects out of the business of data-heavy, infrastructure-focused, reactive management and to the realm of application service delivery.
Turbonomic understands both the capacity and real-time utilization of every element within the infrastructure, enabling users to specify application or user service levels, from which

Turbonomic automatically derives specific sizing, placement and configuration actions necessary to deliver those SLAs. Independent research from Principled Technologies has demonstrated that Turbonomic increases application response time by 37% without QoS adherence enabled, and above this for applications with a specified SLAs. Turbonomic’s QoS Adherence permits customers to define application service levels – with broad Gold-Silver-Bronze strokes, or millisecond-response-time granularity – and Turbonomic drives the actions required to deliver said service levels.

VMturbo OpsMan Monitor
Intelligent Workload Management
Embrace the Power of Intelligent Workload Management

Turbonomic’s Intelligent Workload Management will recommend placement, sizing, and start/stop actions across hosts, clusters, and datastores to prevent queuing, latency, and ballooning. They can be executed manually, automated on a schedule, or automated 24/7.

No Adverse Ripple Effects: Turbonomic understands the impact of actions before they are executed to avoid introducing new bottlenecks.

Workload Multiplexing: The platform identifies workloads with coincident load spikes and place them on separate physical hosts or datastores to prevent contention and enable high VM density.

Workload Tiering: You can classify VMs as Gold, Silver, or Bronze. If resources are constrained, bronze VMs are throttled and gold VMs are prioritized to assure mission critical performance.

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