TeamQuest provides software and services for IT Service Optimization of VMware and other virtualized environments. TeamQuest delivers practical, proactive, predictive performance and capacity management capabilities helping you reduce response time and risk.

With TeamQuest Performance Software you can:

  • Manage all the layers, from apps to VMs to physical servers to storage
    Drill down (or up) across the entire technology stack from business service to storage.
  • Leverage your existing management tools
    TeamQuest works with your existing data sources including VMware, Microsoft, RedHat, BMC, CA, and more.
  • Predict and resolve problems before they happen
    Sophisticated automated analytics give advance warning and information on where to focus your attention.
  • Automate customized analyses
    Tap into your experts and automate their knowledge with TeamQuest software, making valuable human resources available for other purposes.
  • Analyze VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and more
    TeamQuest supports multi-vendor environments, including all major virtualization platforms.



The TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI) is a single number that summarizes VM health


This report color-codes TPI to show at a glance how every VM is performing.

TPI understands that response time is key. It knows when and where there’s VM resource contention.


This Components of Response Summary report shows the service and delay time calculated for each CPU and I/O device. Automated components of response time analytics come along with TeamQuest Performance Indicator calculations.

With TeamQuest Risk Prediction, you get automated forecasts for for response time:


 TeamQuest’s advanced analytic queuing network solver knows that performance does not scale linearly.

Get continuous rolling predictions of future VM health:



This color-coded report shows VM health in terms of predicted TeamQuest Performance Indicator (TPI) values.

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