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SIOS iQ IT Operations Analytics platform

SIOS iQ™ IT operations analytics platform is the first to broadly apply big data/data mining to the problem of understanding and optimizing complex virtualized environments. SIOS iQ integrates large volumes of data from a variety of sources (including application and infrastructure data from third party tools and frameworks), applies patented topological behavior analysis, and presents actionable insights through an intuitive mobile, touch-enabled UI.

Growing Complexity in Virtualized Environments

As enterprises move more business operations to virtual server environments, there is a growing need for a better way to meet the stringent requirements of business critical environments. Unlike physical server environments with dedicated resources running in controlled infrastructures, virtual environments are highly scalable with shared and dynamic resources that operate in complex relationship to one another – making them difficult to understand, optimize, and plan/budget for. Because traditional approaches report discrete events, (e.g., CPU utilization exceeding a threshold) to identify a problem, complex or subtle issues often go unnoticed and IT staff are inundated with alerts without guidance for prioritizing, interpreting or correcting them.


SIOS iQ: The Simple, Intelligent Solution

Topological behavior analysis enables SIOS iQ to organize, analyze, and learn from large, complex integrated data streams and events arising from real-time operations in VMware environments. It automatically groups and graphs object relationships based on their interactions. It applies machine learning to identify subtle changes in behavior patterns among related objects that may predict important or abnormal trends. It also simulates recommended changes so IT can safely assess their impact before they are made. SIOS iQ self-adapts to new data and environment changes without ongoing manual adjustment. This powerful new approach delivers faster, more accurate issue identification and resolution.

Easy Implementation and Ongoing Use

SIOS iQ software can be fully installed and implemented in as little as 15 minutes. SIOS patented topological behavior analysis technology automatically learns the behavior of objects in the environment eliminating the need for thresholds, installation of agents or configuration of traps, events and logs. It also self-learns and self-adjusts to changes in highly dynamic virtual environments to ensure continuous accuracy without manual intervention. It incorporates semi-supervised learning techniques that allow the user to further optimize and refine analytical results and expand its predictive capabilities. SIOS iQ is fully scalable to accommodate the largest virtual environments with ease.

One Touch Clarity

SIOS PERC Dashboard™

SIOS iQ presents information through the SIOS PERC Dashboard™ which was designed to provide a simple mobile app-like user experience without the need for specialized training or skills. It enables SIOS iQ users to easily see the operational status and recommended improvements needed for their entire VMware environment across four quality of service dimensions: performance, efficiency, reliability, and capacity (PERC) utilization in a single screen. This browser-based, responsive, touch optimized user interface can be accessed on desktops, laptops, or tablets. Color-coded status indicators show the criticality of issues and enable users to expand charts to drill down for details. Extensive user testing and information mapping was integrated into the design to present information in interactive, easy-to-understand graphical data visualization format.

Performance Root Cause Analysis

In one touch or click, the Performance Root Cause Analysis shows anomalies in object behavior, the root causes of performance problems; all affected objects, and recommendations for solutions.

Host Based Caching

The SIOS iQ Host Based Caching (HBC) feature enables IT staff to improve application storage performance using server side storage and HBC effectively. It analyzes the environment, including all blocks written to disk, and uses the read ratio and load profile to identify the most beneficial VMs (and their disks) for HBC. In one touch, it provides configuration recommendations (the amount of cache and cache block size); predicts improvements that changes will have on performance, and shows results in an easy-to-read chart.

Resource Optimization

SIOS iQ eliminates wasted resources by identifying idle VMs and CPU-draining unneeded snapshots.

SIOS iQ provides a simple, intelligent solution that enables enterprises to move business critical applications to virtual environments. The ease-of-use designed into our patented SIOS PERC Dashboard™ is unique in the industry. It enables IT managers to ensure their applications are operating efficiently, that issues are identified and resolved quickly, and that VMware resources are not being wasted. SIOS iQ also makes planning for change and predicting the impact of changes in large scale virtual infrastructures easy.

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