Puppet is IT automation software that helps system administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to patch management and compliance. Using Puppet, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage change, scaling from 10s of servers to 1000s, on-premise or in the cloud.

How Puppet Works

Puppet uses a declarative, model-based approach to IT automation.

  1. Define the desired state of the infrastructure’s configuration using Puppet’s declarative configuration language.
  2. Simulate configuration changes before enforcing them.
  3. Enforce the deployed desired state automatically, correcting any configuration drift.
  4. Report on the differences between actual and desired states and any changes made enforcing the desired state.


To define your infrastructure’s desired state, you can select from over 600 pre-built, freely downloadable configuration modules in the Puppet Forge, Puppet Labs’ online marketplace. Alternatively, if you have special requirements you can build a custom module using Puppet’s configuration language. Once defined, you can reuse these configurations across physical, virtual, and cloud environments as well as across operating systems. Moreover, you can combine configuration modules to create complete application configuration stacks that share common configurations.


After you deploy your configuration modules, the Puppet Agent on each node communicates regularly with the Puppet Master server to automatically enforce the desired states of the nodes.

  • The Puppet Agent on the node sends Facts, or data about its state, to the Puppet Master server.
  • Using the Facts, the Puppet Master server compiles a Catalog, or detailed data about how the node should be configured, and sends this back to the Puppet Agent.
  • After making any changes to return to the desired state (or, in “no-op mode,” simply simulating these changes), the Puppet Agent sends a complete Report back to the Puppet Master.
  • The Reports are fully accessible via open APIs for integration with other IT systems.


Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure changes, on-premise or in the cloud. Learn more about Puppet Enterprise below, or download now and manage up to 10 nodes free.

Puppet Enterprise automates tasks at any stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, including:

  • Provisioning
  • Discovery
  • OS & App Configuration Management
  • Build & Release Management
  • Patch Management
  • Infrastructure Audit & Compliance

    Configuration Management

    Puppet Enterprise’s declarative, model-based approach automates repetitive tasks and eliminates configuration drift. You define the desired state of your infrastructure, and Puppet Enterprise enforces this state, freeing you to work on tougher projects.



    Puppet Forge

    Jump-start your automation projects with access to over 800 pre-built, freely downloadable configuration modules on Puppet Forge, Puppet Labs’ online marketplace. There you’ll find ready-to-run configurations for managing MySQL, Apache Tomcat, RHEL, OpenStack, Hadoop, and more.

    Cloud Provisioning

    Automatically provision and configure cloud instances from zero to fully operational in minutes, whether you’re using VMware’s private cloud or Amazon EC2′s public cloud. Save time getting your cloud projects off the ground by reusing the same configuration modules you set-up for your physical deployments.




    Quickly deploy critical updates, like security patches, across hundreds of servers in seconds, or pro-actively initiate Puppet runs to update configurations and report changes.

    Audit & Compliance

    Get visibility into all infrastructure changes relative to a desired-state baseline. Puppet Enterprise’s compliance capability helps you identify “hot spots” in your infrastructure that require active management and provides reports to demonstrate compliance with established policies.



    Discovery & Cloning

    Do you hesitate to turn off a server because you’re not sure what’s on it? Puppet Enterprise’s Live Management feature enables you to discover resources and their configurations across hundreds of servers in seconds. Quickly standardize configurations by cloning the correct one to all servers with a couple clicks of the mouse.

    VIDEO: Watch a quick demo (3 min)


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