Prelert = More Answers, Faster & With Less Work

Prelert is a layer of highly advanced machine learning predictive analytics that plugs into and turbocharges existing IT management tools. It finds answers hidden in vast amounts of performance metrics, logs and events. You don’t even have to tell it what to look for – no rules, thresholds or templates.

Predictive Analytics

Prelert integrates easily with your existing infrastructure and application management tools. Using Big Data analysis techniques, it identifies activity patterns across technology layers and domains and detects the earliest warning signs of developing performance problems. Prelert lets you leverage all your management tools to gain order of magnitude improvements toward your proactive management goals.

Powerful Diagnostics

When a problem is identified, Prelert has already filtered billions of metric values, logs and alerts to provide the reduced set of data needed for quick diagnosis and resolution. No more multi-hour, all hands troubleshooting conference calls. No more searching through huge volumes of data looking for answers. Prelert reduces diagnostic times from hours or days to minutes.

Machine Learning

Prelert is based on the most recent advances in machine learning. Because it is 100% self-learning, it requires minimal setup and provides value in hours. Customers find that it eliminates much of the requirement configure and maintain rules, thresholds or templates for the underlying management tools as well. Customers get more value from critical monitoring systems with less work.

last modified: January 29th, 2016 by Editor: Edward Haletky