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Managed Methods builds software to secure the connection of companies to the cloud. Exchanging business transaction data with partners, provisioning services with cloud providers, or delivering data to customer applications are all cloud examples that utilize APIs. Managed Methods delivers secure, simple governance of these API communications passing in and out of the enterprise, so that businesses can conduct operations safely in the hybrid cloud. Our focus is on fast implementation and cost effective products that solve immediate connectivity problems for IT and security teams.

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Managed Methods Deliver 5 Critical Functions for API Based Enterprise to Cloud Connections
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Managed Methods gives companies visibility and control over data passing between their enterprise and the cloud. The fastest growing components of this traffic are web APIs, based on REST and JSON, as well as SOAP web services. Managed Methods solves 2 classes of problem:

  • Creating visibility and permanent records of bi-directional traffic to/from services outside the enterprise (“the cloud”).   This means tracking Shadow IT use of cloud infrastructure.   It also means watching requests coming “in”, to identify and track access of internal services by outsiders.
  • Actively controlling and securing the bi-directional traffic.   This is most important when internal services are published as external facing APIs. Authentication, authorization, protection from attacks, and archiving are all part of the solution to create secure gateway to the cloud.

Unlike complex, integration-heavy propositions, Managed Methods products are downloadable, offer a free Proof of Concept trial, and require no consulting engagement.   See

Managed Methods Cloud Security

Create a Secure Gateway to Services in the Cloud
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When asked about API usage in their enterprise, most IT and security pro’s say “We really don’t know how much activity there is”.   How do you know if you have a cloud security problem?

Managed Methods API Discovery Free was designed to give a simple answer, and expose the traffic between the enterprise and the cloud.   And it is completely Free to download and use.

Key attributes:

  • Completely passive, offline analysis, with no software installed on production networks.
  • Simple to install and run. Start capturing results in minutes.
  • Bi-directional,   not just internal users of consumer cloud services.   More important is seeing the flow of partners and outsiders into enterprise data stores.   API Discovery gives explicit visibility.

Download a copy now: Managed Methods: Free software for secure enterprise connections to the Cloud.

Managed Methods API Discovery

Discover how much Cloud API Traffic Really Exists
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API Gateway simplifies the connection between services in the enterprise and outside in the cloud.   A control point for API-based communication between internal and external services, API Gateway Methods puts essential policy, access, security, and monitoring into a single software solution.

  • To create controlled, secure communication to the cloud, API Gateway delivers:
  • Authentication and access control based on enterprise directory policies
  • Threat protection against outside intruders attempting to disrupt internal services
  • Archive copies of message traffic, for compliance, validation, and forensic analysis
  • Translation between internal legacy services and cloud facing REST APIs.   Securely publish the older apps to the cloud.

Download a free trial (Managed Methods: Download Free Trial of Enterprise Cloud API Gateway) and have a running proof of concept in hours.

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Secure and Control between the Enterprise and the Cloud

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