Winner of the VMworld 2012 Best of Show as well as the top award in Virtualization Management, the HotLink platform revolutionizes system management of heterogeneous virtual computing with an open, enterprise-class integration and transformation platform spanning all major hypervisors and public clouds. Unlike overlay solutions that provide specialized automation on top of multiple native management toolsets, the HotLink platform abstracts hypervisor and workload metadata so you can natively support other hypervisors and public clouds with your existing virtualization management tools — like VMware vCenter. No other management consoles are required! Only with HotLink can you mix and match disparate virtual infrastructure while fully leveraging existing management solutions and skills

Unified Virtual Platform

HotLink provides an enterprise-class, fully automated platform for deployments spanning all major virtual and cloud-based infrastructures — VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM), CloudStack and Amazon EC2. HotLink’s virtual object bus, transformation engine, proxy and integration services allow you to holistically manage a heterogeneous, hybrid environment as easily as a homogeneous, on-premise deployment.

Plug-in Architecture

The HotLink platform was specifically designed with a plug-in architecture to extend enterprise virtualization management solutions like VMware vCenter. Only with HotLink can you leverage your current virtualization management investment to support other virtual infrastructures natively, both on-premise and public cloud — no additional management console is required and full-functionality is available.

Platform Transformation

With the HotLink Transformation Engine, virtual infrastructure metadata is abstracted and decoupled from the virtualization management layer to enable native interoperability of heterogeneous platforms. The HotLink transformation technology removes the technical barriers to interoperability so you can choose the optimal resource for each use case without increasing management complexity.

Cross-Platform Workloads

With HotLink, heterogeneous workloads are converted and managed seamlessly — between hypervisors and to/from public clouds. You can clone and snapshot existing virtual machines, deploy from a single template and migrate between cross-platform hosts, whether on-premise or in a public cloud. You can now choose the optimal resource for each workload and fully leverage the management investment already made.

Open Extensibility

The HotLink platform is built with an open architecture for integration with enterprise system management and in-house workflows. A standard native API enables policies and automation to be applied uniformly across your entire virtual infrastructure — whether on or off-premise.

With HotLink’s innovative technology, you finally have the ability to pick the right virtual infrastructure for each use case while leveraging the management investment you already made. With HotLink you can:

  • Extend existing management tools cross-platform
  • Unify administration of on and off-premise
  •  Clone, snapshot, migrate hybrid workloads
  •  Leverage templates cross-platform
  •  Apply automation across hybrid resources
  •  Utilize existing administration skills

HotLink is the only platform to tackle heterogeneity from the bottom up — isolating, abstracting and automating the complexities of virtual and cloud-based platforms to provide a simple, flexible transformational solution to hybrid computing. Best of all, you can deploy the HotLink platform with the skills you already have in under 4 hours.

Heterogeneous & Hybrid Platforms are Managed in Single Inventory Tree in VMware vCenter 
Cross-Platform Workload are Natively Cloned, Snapshot & Migrated

Advanced Features, Like Live Migration, are Fully Supported Without Another Console

VMware Templates Can Be Used Cross-Platform.  Workloads Conversion is Automated & Integrated.