GreenBytes® delivers patented IO-Offload desktop virtualization solutions that maximize the effective performance and capacity of existing infrastructure to provide persistent, full-featured virtual desktops with the manageability, scalability and affordability required for cloud-scale VDI deployments.  For more information, please visit GreenBytes.

GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication technology is at the core of our solution value

With GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication technology, IT is able to deliver full-featured persistent virtual desktops at cloud-scale, providing end users with a superior virtual desktop experience that is similar to the physical desktop they are most familiar with, all with 97% less storage space required.

GreenBytes IO Offload desktop virtualization solutions are uniquely simple, affordable, compatible and effective

The IO Offload Engine solutions make full-featured virtual desktops work properly without changing your existing infrastructure. Delivering an exceptional user experience and extraordinary performance in mission-critical virtual desktop environments, available in a virtual or physical appliance, the IO Offload solutions can scale from a single department to cloud with the same approach and architecture, without adding risk or complexity.

GreenBytes Solutions

  • Smart, Purpose-Built – Reduce the amount of flash required to support desktop virtualization by as much as 97% with GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline reduplication.
  • Pure Simplicity – Cloud-Ready, Plug-and-Play. Desktop Virtualization in 5 minutes. From departmental to cloud-scale.
  • Ecosystem Agnostic – No matter what infrastructure you have, your existing investments are protected.


GreenBytes vIO™

Scalable virtual storage appliance, configured in 5 Minutes

The GreenBytes vIO virtual storage appliance was designed from the ground up as a desktop virtualization solution, providing the full-featured persistent virtual desktops that users want, with the manageability, scalability and affordability that make it possible. The vIO enables IT administrators to increase the performance and improve the end user experience of a new or existing virtual desktop infrastructure by integrating GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication software and a PCIe-based flash card, local SSD or flash-based storage controller with a VMware ESXi host.

By moving the virtual desktop datastores to the vIO, inconsistent performance and crippling congestion become a thing of the past. Deployed and ready to present storage locally or externally via iSCSI or NFS in less than five minutes, IT can deliver persistent or non-persistent desktop images through their preferred desktop broker interface, increasing performance, driving down costs and avoiding user interruption while protecting existing storage and infrastructure investments.

GreenBytes vIO

GreenBytes IO Offload Engine

The IO Offload Engine is a physical hardware appliance for desktop virtualization. It diverts swap and boot traffic away from primary storage (SAN). Plug-and-play it installs and scales in minutes to drive down costs and avoid user interruption. It is an extension of the virtual architecture that enables IT to deploy persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops while keeping existing storage.

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