Gigamon GigaVUE-VM

Intelligent Traffic Replication & Filtering for Virtual Machines

With the increasing adoption of virtualization as a strategic solution within Enterprises and Data Centers, a common inhibitor and concern  raised by infrastructure owners considering the adoption of private, public or hybrid cloud solutions is maintaining the visibility to critical business communications and data. Not only is visibility needed to assure service levels, but more importantly it is required to manage the integrity and security of information traversing cloud environments. As an integral part of the Gigamon Traffic Visibility Fabric™, the GigaVUE-VM fabric node addresses these requirements by providing an intelligent filtering technology allowing traffic flows and packets to be selected, forwarded and delivered to the appropriate monitoring, analysis or security devices.

As the GigaVUE-VM is a native vSphere 5 Virtual Machine, the fabric node is installed without the need for special software, invasive agents, or changes to the hypervisor. This approach allows system managers to achieve the same packet-level traffic visibility between virtualized applications as is normally available between discrete physical applications and servers.

Tight integration with the virtualization management platform, along with the ability to intelligently and selectively forward traffic from the hypervisor, allows IT professionals to gain the visibility essential to monitor and troubleshoot applications, networks and virtualized data centers. Furthermore, having an end-to-end solution that spans both physical and virtualized infrastructure empowers application, server and network engineers with the insight needed to ensure service quality and maintain business productivity.   Whether its private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure, maintaining the same level of monitoring, analysis and security in virtualized infrastructure as is achieved in physical infrastructure with a Visibility Fabric, is now possible with the GigaVUE-VM fabric node.

Features & Benefits

  • Extend physical traffic monitoring and analysis into the virtual world
  • Select and forward hypervisor traffic of interest to network monitoring tools
  • Enable the move from tactical to strategic virtualization through powerful traffic management
  • Maintain continuous traffic visibility before and after vMotion events


  • Environments where intelligent selection of network traffic from physical and hypervisor networks is needed
  • Mid and large scale VMware virtualized data center environments
  • Architectures that have mission critical, ‘East – West’ virtual machine traffic
  • Seamless visibility of virtual machine traffic across multiple data centers, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, with centralized tool systems