Embotics V-Commander Overview

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All the Private Cloud Automation Features You Need in a Single Product

Developed for IT managers and administrators in mid-sized enterprises who are building or managing private cloud infrastructure, Embotics V-Commander is a software solution that provides management, automation and self-service provisioning.

Unlike other cloud management software on the market today, our product provides a comprehensive set of virtualization and private cloud management capabilities in a single, integrated software package that can be implemented within 1 hour, which results in unmatched time-to-value.

Why Embotics V-Commander?

One Product

Our solution is the only comprehensive software product that combines automation and resource management into one product that can be implemented in less than one hour. No other products to buy, no other interfaces to learn.

360 Degree Control From a Single Interface

Single pane of glass means you get a view into your virtual and private cloud environment without having to switch between several different products, which may all have different interfaces to learn.

Integration with Your Environment

We understand that radical changes to your environment can be extremely risky to your business. Embotics does not require you to upgrade to the latest version of virtual infrastructure software to get to the private cloud. Embotics integrates with your existing management ecosystem – making your private cloud initiatives an evolution, not a revolution.


Because Embotics provides you with all the features you need to manage your Private Cloud, buying one product is more cost-effective than buying multiple products.

Software That Truly Works “Out-of-the-Box”

Many other private cloud management and provisioning software is designed for huge environments and requires extensive customization, implementation and training. Embotics installs in 15 minutes, provides immediate ROI with no implementation or complexity “tax” that you may find with other vendors. Other products require days or even months of professional services to get them working. Not so with Embotics V-Commander, which comes working right out of the box. Download a free 30-day evaluation copy of Embotics V-Commander.

vCommander Features

  • Self-Service – Self service provisioning and self service management provides end users and organization stakeholders with the ability to view and manage VMs, request new VMs, and request changes to existing VMs.
  • Configuration Management – V-Commander identifies, reports and issues alerts on out-of-process activities and changes, providing immediate insight into where processes are breaking down.
  • Change Management – Automatically monitor and analyze virtual asset configuration items (CIs), generating real-time information on what has changed, who made the change, and whether that change adhered to internal processes and procedures.
  • Lifecycle Management – A turnkey solution built around a real-time architecture, V-Commander leverages a robust policy engine to automate lifecycle management and ensure VMs are decommissioned within set time limits.
  • Chargeback and IT Costing – Assignment and tracking of virtual asset costs in real time, with reporting on VI costs and growth trends. Cost transparency and “showback” to end-users provides the information required for archiving, placement and budgetary planning.
  • Performance Management – Since the source of many performance issues is change, V-Commander also tracks and reports on OS, application and resource changes.
  • Capacity Management – A comprehensive solution for reporting, analysis and forecasting of capacity needs, and automatic identification of virtual infrastructure (VI) waste.