Optimized For Virtualized, Cloud & SOA Based Applications

A modern system for modern applications

Traditional APM systems were never built for today’s complex application environment. Release cycles are too fast, tiers are too many, deployment is too dynamic, and reporting too varied. Modern applications require modern solutions. dynaTrace Production Edition has been field proven in globally distributed financial applications, SOA-based eCommerce applications, numerous virtualized and clustered datacenters, and some of the largest SaaS and cloud environments in the world. dynaTrace PE is not only capable, its proven.

Distributed Applications

dynaTrace Transaction Flow Visualization

Transaction Flow visualization is the best way to understand the response time of a highly distributed application.

Distributed applications are not only hard to monitor in production, they are hard to test and troubleshoot as well. Distributed applications often utilize services written outside of your direct control, and they are often distributed beyond your local datacenter. And more and more distributed applications are heterogeneous, using a variety of technologies (e.g. Java for logic & .NET for web services) to get the job done. dynaTrace Production Edition supports complex, distributed applications in a number of unique ways.

  • Instrumentation is done remotely, and Smart Agents self-learn your application.
  • Smart Agents are native so they can support heterogeneous applications out-of-the-box.
  • The 3-tier dynaTrace architecture anticipates globally distributed applications providing a middle tier of Global Collectors for scale, management and advance monitoring.
  • A variety of remoting protocols are supported out-of-the-box, and custom remoting protocols can be quickly supported via an open SDK.
  • Common ESB messaging environments are fully supported.
  • Transactions are traced and PurePaths captured the same for globally distributed applications as they are for local, more traditional applications.
  • Transaction Flow Maps are automatically generated for both logical topology and business transaction views for immediate runtime visibility.
  • A UML Sequence Diagram is automatically generated for software architects to visualize, often for the first time, exactly how their distributed application behaves under load.

3rd Party Applications & Frameworks

dynaTrace Supported Applications Frameworks

dynaTrace has certified support for frequently used environments and has been used in those listed above and many others.

In an attempt to cut costs and speed time to market, 3rd party applications and frameworks are more widely used than ever before. But what’s great for the budget causes blind spots for IT. dynaTrace Production Edition is unique in its ability to penetrate the black-box of 3rd party code and provide you the ‘objective evidence’ you need to hold 3rd party providers accountable.

  • Because dynaTrace automatically instruments and self-learns any Web, Java and/or .NET application, 3rd party applications and frameworks are no longer hidden from view.
  • With PurePath, transaction flows and code-level context are captured for hand-off to performance specialists and architects for analysis and coordination with 3rd parties.
  • Multiple layers of the application stack are monitored simultaneously and fully correlated by dynaTrace PE for fast, accurate triage.
  • Custom Sensor Packs have been packaged as plug-ins for deeper view into common frameworks – like Spring, Hibernate, Sharepoint, NHibernate, JQuery, GWT, JSF and many more.
  • If 3rd party applications and frameworks are a growing part of your application portfolio, eliminate the blind spots and hold your suppliers accountable with dynaTrace PE.

Virtualized Applications

dynaTrace Virtual Machine CPU Usage

Hypervisor metrics can be correlated with any other metric dynaTrace retrieves from applications or hosts.

With recent advances in hypervisor performance and robustness, the virtualization of business critical applications has accelerated. dynaTrace Production Edition is not only virtualization-ready out-of-the-box, it brings unique value to virtualized applications as well.

  • First, because dynaTrace PE rides inside the application itself, it is virtualization-ready from the start; no special considerations need to be made for provisioning, instrumentation, dashboarding or administration.
  • Riding inside the application, dynaTrace PE correlates guest OS, with hypervisor (virtualization) and host system metrics with its transaction pure PurePaths for enhanced visibility and faster, more accurate triage.
  • Transaction Flow Maps accurately depict real-time logical topology of all services, tiers, interdependencies and inter-tier timings, all critical system information not captured by virtualization vendor performance management tools.
  • dynaTrace PE supports dynamic provisioning of new virtual instances complete with adaptive dashboards so no transaction data is lost and full visibility is maintained.

By adding dynaTrace PE to your virtualization roll-out, you not only save cost in hardware, you’ll also save time and money in application management as well.

SaaS & Clouds

dynaTrace Cloud Monitoring

Besides easy deployment and monitoring of applications running in clouds, dynaTrace can collect metrics from cloud mgmt. interfaces.

Whether you consider “clouds” to be the next new thing, or simply the continuation of inevitable IT evolution, the idea of faster, cheaper provisioning of new compute resources, services and applications is powerful. dynaTrace has been supplying production monitoring, business transaction and user experience solutions to the worlds’ leading SaaS & Cloud providers for years now. dynaTrace Production Edition has been optimized through this experience.

  • Instrumentation is fast and easy whether physical, virtual or cloud.
  • Visibility is deep, accurate and transaction pure.
  • Context is captured and automatically correlated – code-level, guest OS, host OS and host system.
  • Business transactions are automatically mapped and easily extended.
  • Topology and UML flow are automatically mapped and visualized.
  • Operations, Business, Architect and Development dashboards come out-of-the-box and are automatically populated at runtime.
  • Dynamic provisioning, advanced SLA management, heterogeneous environments and more are all supported by dynaTrace PE.

Step up your visibility, get closer to business, and embrace the dynamic with a proven APM system – dynaTrace Production Edition.