Access real-time network tracking and real-user data to identify issues before your users are affected. Crittercism gives continuous “state of the app” updates based on thousands of variables in real time offering clear visibility into the app, device, OS version, network, API, and individual user.


Discover all servers and APIs your app interacts with  

Why it matters: Your app depends on many services. Discover and track all the APIs and endpoints that your app interacts with. with this visibility, you can now control the performance and experience of the app

Complete visibility into all service and API metrics

Why it matters: Proactively monitor all service and API metrics — right up to the endpoints that the app uses. Get latencies, error rates, data bandwidth, and the number of requests to the APIs. Now you can quickly identify and troubleshoot the poorly performing APIs


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Identify business critical issues by size of impact and prioritize by users affected. Track the stats on different versions of your app across all mobile devices, and get insight into your production successes and those parts where code still needs work.



Prioritize issues by affected users

Why it matters: Identify issues where the most number of users are affected. Eliminate any unnecessary efforts by focusing resources on those items with the largest impact

Prioritize by location

Why it matters:
Prioritize by region, even down to the individual store location. Identify that the issues you are working on are from regions that are critical to your business




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Get fast, efficient root cause analysis by diving deep into app, device, carrier, and diagnostics data. Identify non-performing endpoints and obtain user interaction and flow issues. Track down misbehaving API endpoints, analyze metrics such as latency, request and data volume, as well as response codes. Isolate endpoint metrics by both network status and diagnostic data.


Troubleshoot non-performing endpoints (error, data in/out, latency issues)

Why it matters:
Identify and prioritize poorly performing endpoints. Identify what caused the issue—including carriers and networks (WiFi, etc.). Enable fast and efficient root cause analysis.

Deep diagnostics to troubleshoot issues

Why it matters:
Symbolicated stacktraces can help you identify specific lines of code where an error resides. Identify known and new issues. Now you can pinpoint errors faster, accurately


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Report business trends and metrics to make sure you know you’re progressing towards your goal. Identify the performance of each new release by tracking your progress by version. Identify when a new device came out, and gain visibility into the health of your app on that device.


Trend app usage and errors in real-time

Why it matters: Track real-time and historical performance across device, OS, versions. See performance trends over time. Ensure that your app performance is improving over time

Trend performance data by device, OS, and carrier

Why it matters:
Know which device, OS, and carrier are the most popular and the most problematic across your user base.




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