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Create and regularly sync hot standby machines that can be instantly activated in the event of system failure.CristiePepperCristie Hot Standby (CloneManager) allows users to create perfect copies of live workloads or systems, and then schedule syncs to keep them up-to-date for disaster recovery purposes. Systems are fully replicated – including OS, applications, data and even user configuration, and copied to the target physical, virtual or cloud environment. Snapshots mean you always have a successful replication to roll back to, and an intuitive interface lets you manage the protection of multiple systems, environments and operating systems from a single interface.Cristie1Solution benefits

  • Optimal and fast transfers of data from source to target machines, even with large amounts of data or a low bandwidth connection.
  • Live sync feature for scheduled regular or constant synchronizations between target and source machines.
  • Agentless option to avoid software being permanently installed on the source machine.
  • Disk selection — users select only the relevant disks and volumes to be cloned.
  • Configure and tailor target machine including host name, IP address, number of CPUs and memory.
  • Event reports emailed to the user for audit purposes.
  • Encryption for security of data.
  • Bandwidth throttling means it’s business-as-usual when cloning live machines.
  • Wide range of sources and targets including replication from and to physical machines, dissimilar hardware, vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors, vCloud Director, vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

Cristie Hot Standby is currently available for Windows, Linux and AIX operating systems.

Technical Insight

Cristie 2CloneManager® enables a live copy (replication) of a running Windows or Linux machine to be made to a supported physical, hypervisor or cloud environment. To do this, an optional Agent is installed on the source system and a CloneManager Live Environment is booted on the target machine. A third machine can then be used to host the lightweight CloneManager console, which manages the complete replication process for individual or multiple systems concurrently.

Intuitive interface and workflow

Workload replications are controlled via a simple, intuitive graphical interface. Commands are sent to CloneManager running on the target system, which calls the Agent on the original system to create both a snapshot (VSS) of its file systems, and system configuration. This snapshot is then remotely mounted, the file systems re-created according to the configuration, and then transferred to the target.

Optimization and tailoring

The target environment can be optimized before it is booted for the first time e.g. the hostname, IP address can be tailored. An initial discovery phase ensures the target system is correctly sized based on an analysis of the source system. If the target requires additional drivers they may also be injected as part of the replication process.

Scheduled syncs

Once a system or workload has been replicated, users can schedule regular or continuous syncs from the original to target system. This ensures the hot standby has up-to-date information prior to booting in to operational mode.

Snapshotting option

An optional snapshotting feature allows the user to protect the target system further by taking a hypervisor-specific snapshot at the end of each successful replication. In the event of corrupt data, or a virus for example, being replicated to the target system, the user can quickly roll back to the last successful replication. Select how often you want to take a snapshot, and set a snapshot limit between 1 and 32.

Licensing & pricing

Our quarterly subscription model allows users unlimited replications and syncs, per system, for $120 a quarter. Please contact for more information.

Further information

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